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Album Class Reference

#include <album.h>

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Detailed Description

An album contains Subalbums.

Specific contents:

Definition at line 50 of file album.h.

Public Member Functions

 Album (QString tmpDir, bool createSubalbum=true)
 Sets default information and create temporary directory as necessary.
bool albumModified ()
 Returns true if album has been modified since the last save operation.
void appendSubalbum (Subalbum *val)
 Appends subalbum to end of linked list.
int exportCompressedWebAlbum (StatusWidget *status, QString exportLocation, QString exportMessage)
 Export a compressed web album (excludes full size images and xml data).
int exportLargeImages (StatusWidget *status, QString exportPath, QString exportMessage)
int exportToDisk (StatusWidget *status, bool forceSave=false)
int exportToDisk (StatusWidget *status, QString dirName, QString themeName)
 Exports album in XML and HTML format, along with resized images.
QString getAuthor ()
 Gets the album author.
int getCreationDay ()
 Returnst he creation day.
int getCreationMonth ()
 Returns the creation month.
int getCreationYear ()
 Returns the creation year.
QString getDescription ()
 Gets the album description.
SubalbumgetFirstSubalbum ()
 Returns a pointer to the first Subalbum.
SubalbumgetLastSubalbum ()
 Returns a pointer to the last Subalbum.
int getModificationDay ()
 Returns the last modified day.
int getModificationMonth ()
 Returns the last modified month.
int getModificationYear ()
 Returns the last modified year.
QString getName ()
 Gets the album name.
int getNextUniquePhotoID ()
 Returns the next unique photo id.
int getNumPhotos ()
 Returns the number of photos.
int getNumSubalbums ()
 Returns number of subalbums.
QPixmap * getRepresentativeImage (int size)
 Returns the representative image.
QString getSaveLocation ()
 Returns the current save location of all images.
QString getTheme ()
 Returns currently selected theme.
QStringList getThumbnailFilenames ()
 Returns a list of the most up to date thumbnail filesnames.
QString getTmpDir ()
 Returns the temporary directory for use when modifying and adding new images.
int importFromDisk (StatusWidget *status, QString fileName, bool disableCheckPhotoMods)
 Imports album from XML format, returning int indicates success or not.
bool prevSave ()
 Returns true if album previously saved to disk.
void removeSubalbum (Subalbum *val)
 Removes a subalbum.
void setAuthor (QString val)
 Sets the album author.
void setDescription (QString val)
 Sets the album description.
void setModified (bool val=true)
 Sets the album as modified.
void setName (QString val)
 Sets the album name.
void setRepresentativeImages (QString imageFilename)
 Sets the representative image.
void syncSubalbumList (SubalbumPreviewWidget *item)
 Syncs subalbum ordering with front end gui ordering.
void updateCreationDate ()
 Updates the creation date to today's date.
void updateModificationDate ()
 Updates the modification date to today's date.
 ~Album ()
 Frees Subalbums.

Private Member Functions

void exportSubalbumImages (StatusWidget *status, bool forceSave)
 Exports subalbum images.
void exportThemeResources (QString theme)
 Removes previously saved resources, copies over new resources.
void exportTopLevelImages ()
 Exports top level images.
int exportToXML (StatusWidget *status, QString exportPath)
 Exports album to XML.
void removeStagnantImages ()
 Removes old stagnant images caused when photos are removed from album or moved from one subalbum to another.
void removeStagnantOrigFiles (StatusWidget *status)
void reorderSubalbumImages (StatusWidget *status)
 Checks if images need to be moved and does so if necessary.

Private Attributes

QString author
 Album Creator.
int creationDay
 Creation day.
int creationMonth
 Creation month.
int creationYear
 Creation year.
QString description
 Longer description of album.
 Pointer to first Subalbum.
QPixmap * largeRepresentativeImage
 Pointer to last Subalbum.
int modificationDay
 Last modification day.
int modificationMonth
 Last modification month.
int modificationYear
 Last modification year.
bool modified
 Modification status of the album.
QString name
 Short name for album.
int nextUniqueID
int numLoadedSubalbums
 Number of loaded subalbums.
int numSubalbums
 Number of subalbums.
QString oldSaveLocation
bool savedToDisk
 Set if album was loaded/has been saved to disk.
QString saveLocation
 Directory album saved to.
QPixmap * smallRepresentativeImage
 Representative images.
QString theme
 Theme to save album with.
QString tmpDir
 Temporary directory for placing modified or new images before saving takes place.

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