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EditingInterface Class Reference

#include <editingInterface.h>

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Detailed Description

Interface for editing photo.

Definition at line 53 of file editingInterface.h.

Public Slots

void handleAspectRatioChanged ()
void handleSelectionChanged ()
void setFocus ()


void photoModified ()

Public Member Functions

bool currentPhotoRevertable ()
 EditingInterface (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
 Constructs layout.
PhotogetPhoto ()
 Returns a pointer to the currently selected photo.
void revertCurrentPhoto ()
 reverts current photo and updates display
void setPhoto (Subalbum *collection, Photo *photo)
 Sets the photo pointer and constructs scaled qimage's for painting.

Protected Member Functions

void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *e)

Private Slots

void adjustGrain ()
 Opens image grain editor.
void applyEffect ()
 Apply selected effect.
void colorBalance ()
 Improve color balance.
void crop ()
 Cropped image.
void enhanceContrast ()
 Enhance image contrast.
void finishCorrectTilt (QPoint p1, QPoint p2)
 Finish correcting and image's tilt.
void flipHorizontal ()
 Flip image horizontally.
void flipVertical ()
 Flip image vertically.
void removeRedeye ()
 Applies redeye removal.
void returnAction ()
 Exit editing interface.
void rotateLeft ()
 Rotate image left 90 degrees.
void rotateRight ()
 Rotate image right 90 degrees.
void rotateSelection ()
 Rotate current selection.
void screenResolutionChanged ()
 Update recorded screen resolution and selection if necessary.
void selectAspectRatio ()
 Aspect ratio selection changed.
void selectEffect ()
 Effect seletion changed.
void showFirstPhoto ()
 Show first photo.
void showLastPhoto ()
 Show last photo.
void showNextPhoto ()
 Show next photo.
void showPrevPhoto ()
 Show prev photo.
void startCorrectTilt ()
 Enter correct image tilt mode.
void tuneLevels ()
 Opens levels editor for manual histogram and brightness/contrast adjustments.

Private Member Functions

QImage * applyEffect (QString filename, ManipulationOptions *options=NULL)
 utlity function for apply effect and preview effect slots
void applyImageUpdate (QImage *editedImage, bool resetSelection)
 Applies update to image.
bool findSelection (QPoint &topLeft, QPoint &bottomRight)
 Finds the selected region of the image.
void rotateFlip (TRANSFORM_CODE rotationFlipType)
 Utility method for rotation + flip slots.
void selectAll (QPoint &topLeft, QPoint &bottomRight)
 Return coordinates that select entire image.
void showNextPrevFirstLastPhoto (Photo *newPhoto)
 Utility method for show prev/next photos.

Private Attributes

QPushButton * applyEffectButton
 The apply effect button is disabled when no effect has been chosen.
QComboBox * aspectRatios
 Widget for selection aspect ratio to crop to.
QSize * aspectRatioValues
 array of common aspect ratios to crop to
QToolButton * correctTiltButton
 The start tilt button is disabled while a line is being selected.
QToolButton * cropButton
 The crop buttons is disabled when no seletion is present.
int displayHeight
int displayResolutionIndex
 Index for screen resolution, needed if this value pair changes during program executing.
int displayWidth
 Dimension of photo in display coordinates.
QLabel * effectPreview
 Label that shows preview of effect.
QString effectPreviewImageFilename
 Path to scaled down version of image for fast generation of previews of effects.
QComboBox * effectsList
 List of effects that can be applied to photos.
int imageHeight
int imageWidth
 Dimension of photo in image coordinates.
 Pointer to the parent layout widget.
double * maxDimensions
QComboBox * orientations
 Pointer to backend photo.
 The red eye reduction button is disabled when no selection is present.
bool selectionRotated
 state variable indicating if the user wants to use a rotate aspect ratio

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