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Photo Class Reference

#include <photo.h>

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Detailed Description

A photo consists of a full size image, a smaller slide show image, a very small thumbnail image, and a desription.

Definition at line 41 of file photo.h.

Public Member Functions

void applyTransformation (TRANSFORM_CODE transformation)
 Apply transformation.
bool constructSmallerImages ()
void exportToXML (QTextStream &stream)
 Exports photo to xml.
void flipHorizontally ()
 Flips image about horizontal axis.
void flipVertically ()
 Flips image about vertical axis.
QString getDescription ()
 Gets the description.
bool getEverSaved ()
 Returns if the image has ever been saved to a permanant location.
QString getImageChecksum ()
 Get image checksum.
QString getImageFilename ()
 Gets the image filename.
int getInitialPhotoNumber ()
 Returns initial photo number.
int getInitialSubalbumNumber ()
 Returns initial subalbum number.
bool getNeedsSavingVal ()
 Returns if the image needs to be saved to its permament location.
PhotogetNext ()
 Returns next photo pointer.
PhotogetPrev ()
 Returns the previous photo pointer.
bool getRecentlyReverted ()
 was the photo recently reverted? if so ignore the presence of orig files on disk
QString getSlideshowChecksum ()
 Get thumbanil checksum.
QString getSlideshowFilename ()
 Gets the slideshow filename.
QString getThumbnailChecksum ()
 Get thumbanil checksum.
QString getThumbnailFilename ()
 Gets the thumbnail filename.
QImage * getThumbnailImage ()
 Gets thumbnail image.
QDateTime * importFromDisk (QDomNode *root)
 Builds photo from XML DOM node, returns date modified info from xml.
QString originalImageFilename ()
 orig filename
 Photo (Subalbum *subalbum, Photo *prev, int photoNumber)
 Sets default information.
void revertPhoto ()
 revert photo to original form
bool revertPossible ()
 can photo be reverted to a differnt original form
void rotate270 ()
 Rotates image clockwise 270 degrees.
void rotate90 ()
 Rotates image clockwise 90 degrees.
void setDescription (QString val)
 Sets the description.
void setEverSaved (bool val)
 sets everSaved
bool setImage (QString editedImageFilename)
bool setImage (QString imageName, int uniqueID)
 Setup photo using a new image. We'll need to create slideshow and thumbnail images.
bool setImage (QString imageName, QString slideshowName, QString thumbnailName)
void setImageChecksum (QString val)
 Update image checksum.
void setImageFilename (QString val)
 Sets the image filename.
void setInitialPhotoNumber (int val)
 Sets initial photo number.
void setInitialSubalbumNumber (int val)
 Sets initial subalbum number.
void setNeedsSavingVal (bool val)
 Sets if the image needs to be saved to its permanent location.
void setNext (Photo *val)
 Sets next photo pointer.
void setPrev (Photo *val)
 Sets prev photo pointer.
void setRecentlyReverted (bool val)
 reset the recently reverted value to val
void setSlideshowChecksum (QString val)
 Update slideshow checksum.
void setSlideshowFilename (QString val)
 Sets the slideshow filename.
void setThumbnailChecksum (QString val)
 Update thumbnail checksum.
void setThumbnailFilename (QString val)
 Sets the thumbnail filename.

Private Attributes

QString description
 Photo description.
bool everSaved
 Has the photo ever been saved?
QString imageChecksum
 MD5 checksums, used to determine if image/thumbnail have been changed.
QString imageLocation
int initialPhotoNumber
int initialSubalbumNumber
bool needsSaving
 Unsaved modifications?
 Pointer to next photo.
 Pointer to prev photo.
bool recentlyReverted
QString slideshowChecksum
QString slideshowLocation
 Subalbum photo is in.
QString thumbnailChecksum
QImage * thumbnailImage
 Thumbnail Image.
QString thumbnailLocation

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