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Subalbum Class Reference

#include <subalbum.h>

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Detailed Description

A subalbum contains photos.

Specific contents:

Definition at line 45 of file subalbum.h.

Public Member Functions

void addPhoto (Photo *newPhoto)
 Adds a preexisting photo object to the Subalbum, appending it to the end.
bool addPhoto (QString fileName, bool replaceDescription=false, Photo *newPhoto=NULL)
void exportToXML (StatusWidget *status, QTextStream &stream)
 Exports subalbum to xml.
AlbumgetAlbum ()
 returns the album pointer
QString getDescription ()
 Gets the Subalbum description.
PhotogetFirst ()
 Returns first photo in subalbum.
PhotogetLast ()
 Returns last photo in subalbum.
QString getName ()
 Gets the Subalbum Name.
SubalbumgetNext ()
 Returns pointer to next subalbum.
int getNumLoadedPhotos ()
 Returns the number of loaded photos in subalbum.
int getNumPhotos ()
 Returns the number of photos in the subalbum.
SubalbumgetPrev ()
 Returns pointer to prev subalbum.
QPixmap * getRepresentativeImage (int size)
 gets a sized representative image
int getSubalbumNumber ()
 Returns subalbum number.
void importFromDisk (QDomNode *root, int subalbumNum, StatusWidget *status, QString dirName, bool disableCheckPhotoMods)
 Builds subalbum from XML DOM node.
bool lazyAddPhoto (QString imageName, QString slideshowName, QString thumbnailName, Photo *newPhoto)
 Lazily adds a new photo to the subalbum without rescaling from scrath, returns TRUE if successful.
void photoMoved (Photo *val)
 Removes a specified photo without deleting the object.
void removePhoto (Photo *val)
 Removes a specified photo.
void resetNumLoadedPhotos ()
void setDescription (QString val)
 Sets the Subalbum description.
void setModified ()
void setName (QString val)
 Sets the Subalbum Name.
void setNext (Subalbum *val)
 Sets pointer of next subalbum.
void setPrev (Subalbum *val)
 Sets pointer of prev subalbum.
void setRepresentativeImage (QString imageFilename)
 sets a sized representative image
void setSubalbumNumber (int newVal)
 Sets the subalbum number to newVal.
 Subalbum (Album *albm, int number)
void syncPhotoList (PhotoPreviewWidget *item)
 Syncs photo ordering with front end gui ordering.
 ~Subalbum ()
 Frees photos.

Private Attributes

 Pointer to album subalbum is in.
QString description
 Longer description of subalbum.
 Pointer to first photo.
QPixmap * largeRepresentativeImage
 Pointer to last photo.
int loadedPhotos
 Number of photos in subalbum when last loaded.
QPixmap * mediumRepresentativeImage
QString name
 Short Name for subalbum.
 Pointer to next subalbum.
int number
 Subalbum Number.
int numPhotos
 Number of photos in subalbum.
 Pointer to prev subalbum.
QPixmap * smallRepresentativeImage

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