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SubalbumWidget Class Reference

#include <subalbumWidget.h>

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Detailed Description

Displays subalbum layout.

Definition at line 35 of file subalbumWidget.h.


void selectedPhotoStateChanged ()

Public Member Functions

bool anyPhotosSelected ()
 Returns true if any phtos are selected.
bool anySelectedPhotosRevertable ()
 Returns true if any selected photos are revertable.
PhotogetFirstSelectedPhoto ()
 Returns first selected photo.
QIconView * getPhotos ()
 Returns pointer to icon view.
PhotogetSelectedPhoto ()
 Returns currently selected photo. If no or multiple photos selected returns NULL.
SubalbumgetSubalbum ()
 returns a pointer to the backend subalbum
void refreshAllPhotos ()
 refreshes all photos, selections are preserved
void refreshPhotos ()
void refreshSelectedPhotos ()
 refreshes selected photos, selections are preserved
void revertSelectedPhotos ()
 Revert selected photos to their original form.
void setSelectedPhoto (Photo *selection)
 Sets the selected photo to selection and ensures it is visible.
void setSubalbum (Subalbum *salbum)
 Resets the subalbum this subalbum widget is displaying.
void stripDescriptionsFromSelectedPhotos ()
 Strip descriptions from selected photos.
 SubalbumWidget (Subalbum *salbum, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
 Creates layout based on backend object.
void updateButtons (bool enable)
 Activates/Deactives remove/rotate buttons.

Protected Member Functions

void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *)

Private Slots

void addImageAction (QStringList fileNames, bool setDescriptions=false)
void addImageAction ()
 Adds an image to the subalbum.
void deselectAll ()
void removeImageAction ()
 Remove an image from the subalbum.
void reorder ()
void rotate270ImageAction ()
 Rotate counter-clockwise selected images.
void rotate90ImageAction ()
 Rotate clockwise selected images.
void selectionChangedEvent ()
 handles changing selections
void setWallpaperAction ()
 set desktop wallpaper
void updateButtons ()
 Activates/Deactives remove/rotate buttons depending on if an image is selected.

Private Attributes

QToolButton * addImage
 "Add" button
QFrame * buttonsFrame
QGridLayout * buttonsGrid
bool buttonsState
 cached enabled/disabled state of buttons
 Pointer to the parent layout widget.
QGridLayout * mainGrid
 Grids widgets are placed in.
 Photos layout.
QToolButton * removeImage
 "Remove" button
QToolButton * rotate270Image
 "Rotate 270" button
QToolButton * rotate90Image
 "Rotate 90" button
QToolButton * setDesktopBtn
 Set desktop wallpaper button.
 Pointer to backend subalbum.
QFrame * thumbnailFrame
 Grid lower buttons are placed in.
bool wallpaperButtonState
 cached enabled/distable state of set wallpaper button

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