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TitleWidget Class Reference

#include <titleWidget.h>

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Detailed Description

Widget which displays album name, description, representative image, and album shaper logo.

Definition at line 49 of file titleWidget.h.

Public Slots

void aboutClosed ()
 Frees about dialog once closed.
void aboutProgram (int mode=ABOUT)
 Pops up about dialog.
void albumStatisticsClosed ()
 Frees album statistics dialog once closed.
void help ()
 Pops up HelpWindow.
void helpClosed ()
 Frees HelpWindow once closed.
void quitApplication ()
 Quit slot.
void refreshCollectionAnnotations (Subalbum *collection)
 Update displayed collection name and cover image.
void setAlbumImage (Photo *photo)
 Sets the album image to the passed in photo.
void setSubalbumImage (Photo *photo)
 Sets the subalbum image to the passed in photo.
void settingsWindowClosed ()
void updateAlbumAnnotations ()
 Updates subalbum annotations.
void updateMenus (bool anySelected=false, bool anyRevertable=false)
 update begin presentation menu entry - disabled when no photos in album
void windowStateChanged (bool state)
 Enables/disables "minimize" window menu entry depending on window state.


void subalbumNameChanged ()
 Emitted when user changes subalbum name.

Public Member Functions

AlbumgetAlbum ()
 Returns a pointer to the album object.
bool getBusy ()
 is program busy?
RecentAlbumsgetRecentAlbums ()
 returns handle to recent albums object
void refresh ()
 Refreshs data from backend objects.
void setAlbum (Album *val)
 Sets new pointer to the album object.
void setBusy (bool val)
 set program busy state
 TitleWidget (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
 Creates layout.
void useAnimation (bool val)
 Use animation for rep images?
 ~TitleWidget ()
 Deletes stuff!

Protected Member Functions

QString createTmpDir (QString albumPath=QString::null)
void dragEnterEvent (QDragEnterEvent *e)
void dropEvent (QDropEvent *e)

Private Slots

void albumStatistics ()
 Pops up album statistics window.
void clearOpenRecentMenu ()
 Clears albums from open recent menu.
void exportLargeImages ()
 Export large images only to a new directory for printing purposes.
void exportSmallWebGallery ()
 Export small web gallery (excludes full size images and Album.xml file).
void loadAlbum (QString location)
 Loads a specified album.
void loadAlbum ()
 Loads an album specified with file chooser.
void loadRecentAlbum (int index)
 Loads a recent album.
void newAlbum ()
 Resets to empty album.
bool proceedWithLoad ()
void removeSelectedPhotoDesc ()
 Strip descriptions from selected photos.
void revertPhotos ()
 Revert selected photos to original form.
void revertToSaved ()
 Revert to last saved album.
void saveAlbum ()
 Saves album.
void saveAsAlbum ()
 Saves album as.
void setAlbumImage ()
 Sets the Album Image.
void setSubalbumImage ()
 Sets the Subalbum Image.
void settings ()
 Pops up settings window.
void storeAnnotations ()
 Store annotations.
void unsetAlbumImage ()
 Unsets the Album Image.
void unsetSubalbumImage ()
 Unsets the Subalbum Image.

Private Member Functions

void populateOpenRecentMenu ()
 Populates the open recent menu with a default set of 9 items + clear.
void refreshOpenRecentMenu ()
 Refreshes open recent menu.

Private Attributes

 About dialog pointer.
 Backend album object.
QFrame * albumAnnotationFrame
QGridLayout * albumAnnotationGrid
 Album annotation grid.
QLabel * albumAuthor
QLineEdit * albumAuthorVal
QLabel * albumDescription
QLineEdit * albumDescriptionVal
ALabel * albumImage
QLabel * albumName
QLineEdit * albumNameVal
 Album Statistics dialog pointer.
 tools menu item id's
bool busy
 Is the program currently busy? helps block other operations.
bool cacheSetButtonState
 cached set button state
RecentAlbumMenuItem ** customRecentMenuItems
bool detectModifications
QPopupMenu * file
 File menu.
QPopupMenu * helpMenu
 Window menu, only used in OSX.
 HelpWindow pointer.
QFrame * mainFrame
QGridLayout * mainGrid
 Main grid.
QMenuBar * menu
 Menubar file menu and help menu inserted in.
int numRecentMenuItems
QPopupMenu * openRecent
 Open recent submenu.
QPopupMenu * photoMenu
 Photos menu.
RecentAlbums recentAlbums
int * recentMenuItems
 photos menu item id's
 Settings dialog pointer.
QFrame * subalbumAnnotationFrame
QGridLayout * subalbumAnnotationGrid
 Subalbum annotation grid.
QLabel * subalbumDescription
QLineEdit * subalbumDescriptionVal
ALabel * subalbumImage
QLabel * subalbumName
QLineEdit * subalbumNameVal
QString tmpDirErrorDesc
QString tmpDirErrorMessage
 error message and description when temp directory cannot be created
QPopupMenu * tools
 Tools menu.
 Window pointer.

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