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//  copyright            : (C) 2003-2005 by Will Stokes
//  This program is free software; you can redistribute it 
//  and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General 
//  Public License as published by the Free Software 
//  Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or  
//  (at your option) any later version.         


///current drag mode, effect of mouse movement on current selection
typedef enum

//forward declarations
class QPoint;

#include <qwidget.h>
#include <qimage.h>

/*! \brief Display widget for photos. Used by the PhotoEditWidget.
00044 class SelectionInterface : public QWidget

  ///Creates layout
  SelectionInterface(QWidget *parent=0, 
                            const char* name=0);
  ///Deletes objects
  ///Updates displayed photo
  void setPhoto(QString imageFilename, bool resetSelection=true);
  ///Returns the current selected coordinates (actual slideshow image 
  ///space, aka not including buffered whitespace or widget offsets)
  void getSelection(QPoint &topLeft, QPoint &bottomRight);

  ///Sets the current selection
  ///cropMaxDimen specifies the idealized dimension in dominant direction in inches (eg 7")
  void setSelection(QPoint topLeft, QPoint bottomRight, double cropMaxDimen=-1.0);
  ///returns true if selection is empty
  bool selectionEmpty();
  ///returns the current photo display size (in screen pixels)
  void getDisplaySize(int &width, int &height);
  ///enter draw line mode - used for tilt correction
  void enterDrawLineMode();  
  ///emitted when a user CTRL-clicks a selection indicating
  ///the selection needs to be rotated intelligently
  void ctrlClick();
  ///emitted when the user changed the selected region
  void selectionChanged();
  ///emitted when the user changed the aspect ratio of the selected region
  void aspectRatioChanged();
  ///emitted once line has been selected, on or the other points
  ///will be set to -1,-1 if the user escaped out the selected a line
  void lineSelected( QPoint p1, QPoint p2 ); 
  QSize sizeHint();    
  void paintEvent( QPaintEvent *e);
  void mousePressEvent( QMouseEvent *e);
  void mouseReleaseEvent( QMouseEvent *);
  void mouseMoveEvent( QMouseEvent *e);
  void resizeEvent( QResizeEvent * );
  void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *e);
  void keyReleaseEvent(QKeyEvent *e);
public slots:
  ///selects none of the image
  void selectNone();

  ///selects all of the image  
  void selectAll();
  ///determine action based on mouse position
  DRAG_MODE mouseActionByPosition(QPoint p);
  ///crops a selected point to within the photo
  QPoint cropSelectedPoint(QPoint p);

  ///converts a point from display coordinates to original image coordinates
  QPoint ConvertDisplayToImageCoordinate( QPoint p );
  ///converts a point from original image coordinates to display coordinates
  QPoint ConvertImageToDisplayCoordinate( QPoint p );
  ///construct scaled image and unselected images for drawing purposes
  void constructDisplayImages();
  ///update mouse cursor based on position over widget and selected region
  void updateCursorShape( QPoint p );
  ///increase/decrease selection while maintaining aspect ratio by changing selected width by delta
  bool scaleSelection( int delta );
  ///Full screen version of image
00131   QImage fullScreenImage;
  ///Scaled image used for display purposes
00134   QImage scaledImage;
  ///Grayscale version of scaled image, used for drawing non-selected regions
00137   QImage unselectedScaledImage;
  ///first corner of selection, where mouse first clicked
00140   QPoint mousePressPoint;
  ///second corner of selection, where mouse moved to
00143   QPoint mouseDragPoint;
  ///cached mouse position, used to scale or drag around selection area
00146   QPoint cachedMousePosition;
  ///method of dragging out, either new selection or resizing selection corner or side
00149   DRAG_MODE currentDragMode;

  ///current mouse shape. by caching this value we avoid 
  ///resetting the mouse cursor every time it moves etc.
00153   DRAG_MODE currentMouseShape;
  ///original image filename
00156   QString origImageFilename;
  ///original image dimensions
00159   QSize origImageSize;  
  ///state of SHIFT button, effects if mouse drags adjust or scale the current selection
00162   bool SHIFT_Pressed;
  ///state of CTRL button, effects if mouse clicks rotate current selection
00165   bool CTRL_Pressed;
  ///cache the aspect ratio when pressing the control buttion, this helps aleviate 
  ///numerical error that builds up when scaling up and down selections
00169   QPoint cachedSelctionCenter;
  QSize cachedSelectionSize;
  ///Current crop max dimension (in inches)
00173   double cropMaxDimen;


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